July 20, 2024
Creator Clash 2 results: Alex Wassabi takes decision over iDubbbz, John Hennigan knocks out Harley Morenstein

Alex Wassabi capped off an entertaining night of influencer boxing by winning a majority decision over Ian Jomahai (iDubbbz) in the main event of Creator Clash 2 on Saturday night at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Fla. 

Six of the 11 fights ended by knockout, including pro wrestler John Hennigan’s boxing debut ending with a brutal third-round KO of Harley Morenstein.

It was a night to remember as influencers gave it their all, and with all of the proceeds going to charity.

YouTuber Wassabi showcased his superior boxing ability against iDubbbz, who is widely recognized as one of the world’s top influencers. Although one judge scored the bout a draw, Wassabi dominated, landing combinations and working behind a stiff jab. iDubbbz could do little aside from trying to pressure Wassabi into a mistake.

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After four rounds, Wassabi had his hand raised. He announced later that we would see him in the ring in the future, and he pleaded for iDubbbz to keep his boxing career going despite being 0-2.

Wassabi was linked to KSI last year but had to pull out due to an injury. Could he try to force his way back into KSI’s line of sight?

The Sporting News tracked live updates and highlights from Creator Clash 2. Here’s how it all went down:

Creator Clash 2 live results, updates

Alex Wassabi earns majority decision over iDubbbz

Scores: 38-38, 39-37 & 39-37

Round 4: Wassabi is aware that iDubbbz isn’t going to stop coming for him, so he tries to stand his ground with the jab. Hard right hand from Wassabi but iDubbbz walks right through it. Big left hook from Wassabi lands flush. Big combination from Wassabi and an uppercut lifts iDubbbz’s head up. All we’re learning is that iDubbbz can take a punch. That’s about it. 

SN Unofficial Scorecard: 10-9, Wassabi (40-36, Wassabi)

Round 3: iDubbz is just following Wassabi around the ring and trying to break him down with pressure. It hasn’t really worked, but Wassabi has slowed down a bit. More jabs from Wassabi. He’s winning the round but it’s clear that iDubbbz’s pressure is starting to have an effect. But iDubbbz hasn’t landed anything of significance to turn the tide.

SN Unofficial Scorecard: 10-9, Wassabi (30-27, Wassabi)

Round 2: iDubbbz starts the round strong by rumbling inside and landing a pair of hard left hooks. Right hand from iDubbbz lands but Wassabi responds with a three-punch combination. The left hook stings iDubbbz but he continues to press forward. Wassabi picking his opponent off with a stiff jab and iDubbbz isn’t quite sure what to do aside from stepping in and taking punishment. 

SN Unofficial Scorecard: 10-9, Wassabi (20-18, Wassabi)

Round 1: Wassabi starts with a double jab and lands a lead right hook. Jab from iDubbbz lands. Left hook and a right hand follow from Wassabi. He storms iDubbbz with a combination but iDubbbz defends well. Triple jab from Wassabi lands and a big combination shakes up iDubbbz. Wassabi stiffens him with a hook and iDubbbz is in a lot of trouble already. Credit to iDubbbz’s chin, but he’s getting beat up.  

SN Unofficial Scorecard: 10-9, Wassabi

10:18 p.m. ET: It’s main event time! Alex Wassabi vs. iDubbbz is up next and we’re going to round-by-round coverage. 

John Hennigan drops Harley Morenstein three times, scores third-round KO

10:12 p.m. ET: Sheesh. Hennigan’s first boxing match was a successful one as he pulverized Morenstein with a right hand that dropped him like a sack of potatoes. The referee didn’t even need to count and called the fight off. Brutal debut.  

10:09 p.m. ET: This has been absolutely one-way traffic as Hennigan continues to land awkward bombs at will. Morenstein has shown nothing to deter Hennigan. He found himself on the canvas for a second time when another bomb of a right hand dropped him.  

10:07 p.m. ET: Goodness. Hennigan isn’t known as a boxer, but he swarmed Morenstein throughout the first round and ended up knocking him out of the ring. Sheesh. Morenstein managed to get to his feet and back into the ring to survive the round. Wow.

10:02 p.m. ET: Hennigan had “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan walk him out to the ring while Morenstein entered through the crowd like WWE faction The Shield. Alrighty then. 

9:55 p.m. ET: It’s big, meaty men bumping meat next as professional wrestler John Hennigan will step into the ring against Harley Morenstein, who is hanging out backstage with a cigarette in his mouth. This will be fun.

Ethan Nestor knocks out Leonhart in Round 3

9:50 p.m. ET: Nestor must have checked this website between rounds. He rushed Leonhart and landed an overhand right that rocked Leonhart. Nestor followed his buzzed opponent and dropped him with a barrage of punches. That’s that. 

9:48 p.m. ET: Well, this isn’t a pretty fight to watch. Leonhart is stiff as a board while Nestor is sloppy while hitting behind the head. Both corners are urging their fighter to get it together. Will it happen? Hard to say. But we’re two rounds in and there haven’t been more than 30 punches landed total. 

9:38 p.m. ET: Ethan Nestor and Leonhart are up next. Leonhart’s entrance with the Pokemon theme song being sung live was incredibly on-brand. But the crowd has gone absolutely ballistic for Ethan Nestor once he emerged from the tunnel. 

Michelle Khare picks apart Andrea Botez for impressive decision victory

9:29 p.m. ET: Khare closed the show in fashion as she picked off an energetic Botez with her jab and counters. Her skill was on full display; she might be the most technically sound woman in influencer boxing. Impressive performance that earned her the victory.

9:25 p.m. ET: As we head into the final round, Khare appears to have the edge. She’s exiting exchanges landing the last punch and her footwork has been solid. But it’s not like Botez is out of the fight; Khare’s footwork is slowing down and giving her an opportunity to land more. She’ll need a big round to close the gap.

9:18 p.m. ET: Unlike the last bout, this has been much more of a chess match between Khare and Botez. Khare seemingly has gotten the better of the exchanges and is more fluid with her combinations. The fight is certainly close and a lot more tactical. 

9:11 p.m. ET: We’re getting closer to the main event as Michelle Khare and Andrea Botez are set to do battle. 

Arin Hanson stops Jarvis Johnson in two-round brawl

9:03 p.m. ET: The frantic pace and lack of technique continued into Round 2, but Hanson buzzed Johnson with a right hand and then unloaded everything he had until the referee stepped in to stop the fight. 

9:01 p.m. ET: Technique be damned, these two are just throwing bombs at each other. Johnson and Hanson both landed big shots that rocked their opponent. If the punches don’t knock them out, it’ll be exhaustion. One round down and I don’t think this goes all five. 

8:57 p.m. ET: Next up: Arin Hanson aims to get his first win in a boxing ring as he fights Jarvis Johnson.

Haley Sharpe pummels Marisha Ray for unanimous decision win

8:50 p.m. ET: Somehow, Ray managed to make it to the final bell. Sharpe repeatedly throttled her with a devastating right hand that practically begged the referee to stop the fight. Credit to Ray for not folding, but this was an absolute beating by Sharpe.

8:40 p.m. ET: After two rounds, Sharpe is beating the brakes off of Ray. She’s cracked her with power shots at a high rate and the fans are all in on this onslaught. Ray has to do something, or else she’s destined to get knocked out. 

8:33 p.m. ET: Business is picking up as Marisha Ray and Haley Sharpe are set to do battle next.

Myth blasts out Hundar in one round

8:16 p.m. ET: Myth came out guns blazing in the first round and absolutely devastated Hundar with a right hand that put him down in a heap. Fortunately for Hundar, Myth went to the wrong corner and delayed the count. That gave Hundar time to recover and beat the count. But it didn’t matter because he was deemed unable to continue and the fight ended after one round. 

8:11 p.m. ET: A pair of intimidating human beings with intimidating names are up next. Myth vs Hundar. Yup. 

Alanah Pearce squeaks by Mika Midgett in split decision

8:03 p.m. ET: It wasn’t terribly exciting, but Pearce managed to get the decision. The former video game developer and IGN host found a way to push through despite being absolutely exhausted. We may be critical of their performances, but we have to remember that boxing isn’t easy. Kudos to them. 

7:57 p.m. ET: These ladies are exhausted after four rounds. Pearce started off fast and charged Midgett but quickly faded and has now resorted to standing still and waiting for Midgett to come to her. Midgett is equally as tired and can’t decide when to attack or stay still. The referee has had a laugh due to the inactivity. 

7:45 p.m. ET: Mika Midgett and Alanah Pearce are up next in women’s action, although Midgett’s prefight interview suggests that she would rather be loving than fighting Pearce. We’ll see how that translates. 

William Haynes stops Chris Ray Gun in two rounds

7:40 p.m. ET: After Haynes put Ray Gun down with a short right hand at the end of the first round, he tore into Ray Gun with wicked ferocity in the second to earn the TKO. Ray Gun absorbed a bunch of unanswered punches and forced the referee to stop the fight. 

7:30 p.m. ET: Chris Ray Gun vs William Haynes is next up. Haynes is here on three weeks’ notice but has no problem trying to put a stop to Ray Gun. 

Dad forces AB Ayad to quit after one round

7:15 p.m. ET: We have our first stoppage of the night as Dad forces AB to quit on the stool after the first round. It appears that Dad’s nonstop energy and body shots did enough damage to convince AB to not come out for the second round. Following the victory, Dad called out the entire WWE for not signing him and took aim at Seth Rollins. 

7:10 p.m. ET: Coming up next is the absolute maniac Dad (Nathan Barnatt) taking on AB Ayad. Dad has more than a decade in age on Ayad, but who knows if youth will matter in this anticipated showdown?

Jaelaray steamrolls Abelina Sabrina for unanimous decision

7 p.m. ET: To the surprise of no one, Jaelaray won a one-sided unanimous decision. She dominated all aspects of the fight. She started her career making League of Legends videos on TikTok; now, she just won her first boxing match. Crazy.  

6:55 p.m. ET: After four rounds, it is all Jaelaray. She has pummeled Sabrina from pillar to post, and Sabrina’s seemingly permanent smile has dissolved. There’s one round left; the only question is whether will still be standing for the final bell. 

6:46 p.m. ET: Jaelaray opened the fight on fire and pelted Sabrina — who used to work as Minnie Mouse at Disneyland — with a barrage of punches. But Sabrina held her ground and stunned her with a right hand. But this was all Jaelaray pounding on her opponent through one round. Can Sabrina survive another round?

6:37 p.m. ET: Up next is Jaelaray vs. Abelina Sabrina. 

Jack Manifold takes unanimous decision over Dakota Olave

6:34 p.m. ET: That was far more entertaining than anybody could have anticipated. Manifold was busier and had more in the tank as he applied pressure and broke Olave down over the course of five rounds. He pulled off a sweep on two scorecards and a 49-46 score on the third. 

6:17 p.m. ET: We’re just getting started as Jack Manifold and Dakota Olave are engaging in an entertaining slugfest through two rounds. The crowd is hot. If this is a sign of things to come, we’re in for an exciting night of influencer fights. 

When is Creator Clash 2? 

  • Date: Saturday, April 15 | Sunday, April 16
  • Start time: 6 p.m. ET | 10 p.m. GMT | 9 a.m. AEDT
  • Main event: 10 p.m. ET | 2 a.m. GMT | 1 p.m. AEDT (approx.)

Creator Clash 2 takes place on Saturday, April 15. The event starts at 6 p.m. ET (10 p.m. GMT, 9 a.m. AEDT). The main event should begin around 10 p.m. ET (2 a.m. GMT, 1 p.m. AEDT), depending on how long the undercard fights last.

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How to watch Creator Clash 2

Country Date Channel + Live Stream (main card)
United States Sat. April 15 Moment
United Kingdom Sat. April 15 Moment
Australia Sun. April 16 Moment

Fans can buy “tickets” to watch Creator Clash 2 via Moment. 

Creator Clash 2 PPV price: How much does the card cost?

Pricing for the event starts at $24.99. On the day of the show, the price will be $34.99.

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Creator Clash 2 results

  • Alex Wassabi def. Ian Jomhai (iDubbbz) via majority decision (39-37, 39-37, 38-38).
  • John Hennigan def. Harley Morenstein via 3rd-round TKO  (:22). 
  • Ethan Nestor def. Leonhart via 2nd-round TKO (:26).
  • Michelle Khare def. Andrea Botez via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46).
  • Arin Hanson def. Jarvis Johnson via 2nd-round TKO (:52).
  • Haley Sharpe def. Marisha Ray via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45).
  • Myth def. Hundar via 1st-round TKO (3:00). 
  • Alanah Pearce def. Mika Midgett via split decision (48-47, 48-47, 47-48).
  • William Hayes def. Chris Ray Gun via 2nd-round TKO (1:50).
  • Nathan Barnatt (Dad) def. AB Ayad via 1st-round TKO (3:00). 
  • Jaelaray def. Abelina Sabrina via unanimous decision (50-45, 49-46, 50-45).
  • Jack Manifold def. Dakota Olave via unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-45).